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Rectangular Trays 26 x 32 cm

Rectangular Trays 26 x 32 cm

120 ml Fruit Jelly Bowl with Lid

250 ml Fruit Jelly Bowl

Aluminum Foil 30cm x 45cm

Aluminum foil 45cm x 45m

Aluminum foil 45cm x 7m

Aluminum Foil Pie Pans with Lids

Aluminum Foil Pots With Lids (L)

Aluminum Foil Pots With Lids (S)

Apple Dessert Cups

Aroma Straws – 8mm

Baking Paper 42 X 37 cm

Barad Straws

Bell Dessert Cups

Black Aroma Straws – 8mm

Black Cocktail Straws – 10mm

Chair Dessert Cups

Classic Garbage Bags 75×90 cm – 50 Bags

Clear PP Icecream – 100 cc

Cocktail Long Spoons

Coffee Stirrers

Cold drink paper cups – 12 oz

Cold drink paper cups – 9 oz

Cold Drink Paper Cups Lids – 12 oz

Cupcake Wrappers 10 cm

Cupcake Wrappers 12 cm

Cupcake Wrappers 8 cm

Cupcake Wrappers 9 cm

Cups Lids

Cups-180 ml

Deep Oval Plates – 28 cm

Dessert Cups 120 mm

Dessert Cups 200 mm

Dessert Cups 60 mm

Dessert Cups